Your business is likely losing hundreds of thousands of $ every year because your people are coming to work with a 'go-to-work' mindset. We solve that problem!

Make A Dent Coaching

Skyrocket your leadership career by being  remarkable at coaching

“Being a remarkable coach is about developing your emotional intelligence and a having a multitude of tools at your disposal, so you can use the best one for the situation at hand. - Shelley Holmes

About Make A Dent Coaching

People skills are far more important than IQ, when it comes to the bottom-line. In this training we'll fine-tune your skills, so that you can coach your people to remarkable levels of performance

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Transform your life and your leadership

In our fast-paced world, bringing out the best possible performance of your people is a must. 

Having coaching skills is no longer a nice-to-have. For you and your team to thrive you must fine-tune your coaching skills.

“Our mission is to enable you to live, love, and lead remarkably ”

Shelley Holmes - Your Coach

Improve Your Ability to Get on With Just About Anyone

Discover how to flex your style, so that you become a master influencer

Build Your Credibility

Become known as a leader who inspires the best performance

Grow a team of 'rockstars'

Your legacy will be that you've grown a team that outperform

Here's what we'll cover

This is a six-month training program ... where you'll start applying your skills from the first session!

Module 1 - Why Coaching Transforms Businesses

  • Characteristics of ‘best coaches’
  • Understanding mindsets - coaches and coachees
  • Difference between coaching, mentoring, counseling, training
  • Impact on Business Results
  • Impact on Morale
  • Impact on Individuals
  • What’s in it for the coach/coachee
  • Understand the relationship between coaching and feedback
  • Understand the differences and similarities
  • Why coaching fails - organisationally/individually
  • Identifying when to coach, when to performance manage
  • Not a quick fix

Module 2 - Would You Want To Be Coached By You?

  • Readiness to coach/be coached
  • Emotional Intelligence is a Must - Would you let a P plater driver a Ferrari on the road?
  • Owning your own high-performance mindset 
  • 6 Themes of Credibility
  • Building credibility
  • Using your EQ to grow your capability and credibility

Module 3 - Coaching Core Competencies

  • The 15 proficiencies of a remarkable coach
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Identify if skill or motivation getting in the way
  • Changing habits - using the KASH model
  • Facilitating Learning and Results

Module 4 - Coaching With Style

  • Identifying people’s styles
  • Using DISC profiles to flex your coaching approach
  • Using a strengths vs weakness approach
  • Identifying and developing competencies

Module 5 - Using Solutions Focused Coaching Model

  • How to help people build on what they already are doing well
  • Getting people to focus on positive actions
  • Achieving small, actionable steps rapidly

Module 6 - Using The Growth Model

  • The 5 steps in a Growth coaching session
  • Keeping people accountable for their own results
  • Getting massive shifts

Module 7 - Would You Want To Be Coached By You (Part 2)

  • Developing and Using your Inner Compass
  • Understanding the factors that influence performance
  • Avoid ‘shoulding’ on coachees
  • Setting emotionally connected goals

Module 7 - Fine-Tuning

  • Dealing with people who outgrow you
  • What to do when they aren’t making progress
  • Coaching someone who is bright, but seriously underperforming
  • Coaching someone who is clearly in the wrong job
  • Coaching someone who rubs you the wrong way
  • Coaching someone stuck on a project and not moving forward
  • How much direction should you give, if any?
  • How to coach someone who is supersensitive
  • How to coach someone who is too dependent on you
  • How to coach someone who is a know it all

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