Your business is likely losing hundreds of thousands of $ every year because your people are coming to work with a 'go-to-work' mindset. We solve that problem!




If have an 'employee/go-to-work' culture and your competing with a company where their team members have a 'business partner mindset and capability

then you're not even in the game!

If your company is in column 1 and your competitors are in column 2 - who do you think is going to win the game of business?

an 'employee/go-to-work' mindset:

  • they turn up to work and don't really understand or care about their impact on the bottom-line 
  • Their performance is somewhere between ok and good 
  • they aren't aware of the impact of their daily decisions on cash-flow and the bottom-line

a business partner mindset and capability:-

  • they understand the impact of their behaviours on the bottom-line
  • they have the tools and the mindset to continually look for ways to reduce costs
  • The understand how to use financial data to drive strategic decision making

-Zodiak is the program that transforms team members from 

thinking and acting like Employees to being Business Partners

Is your business surviving 

or thriving?

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and see how we can help your team to identify hundreds of thousands of potential

cost-savings and revenue opportunities that are draining out of your business right now ~

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It's soul destroying and frustrating!

You spend way too many hours worrying about how to increase your business' profits and margin. 

Your people aren't focused on the bottom line! 


    You shouldn't be the only one worried about the bottom-line

And here's the problem 

if your people are coming to work NOT thinking about how 

they can help to make and save money you have a ...

go-to-work culture

When you have a go-to-work culture 

you'll be 

leaking $$ AND lost opportunities 

to stop the leak ...

 you need a business-partner culture

Our business is a not-for-profit and our people do brilliant work in the communities we serve. However, the bottom-line, and the impact of their daily decisions on our cash flow, is not top of mind. With increasing government scrutiny, and a deep desire to deliver even higher quality services for our clients, it is imperative that our leadership and front-line team members build their business acumen.


We engaged Shelley to deliver the Zodiak program and were delighted with the outcome. She delivered a fast-paced, high energy program. Throughout the day our leadership team held rich discussions, made many linkages back to their roles and team, and we identified several significant potential cost savings and revenue generating ideas.


If you want to shift your culture, and get everyone in your team thinking like business partners, I highly recommend Zodiak and Shelley.


Jane McDonald

Executive Director Corporate Services, integratedliving

Let's test the culture in your business ....

Go and ask 3 people in your team these two questions:

  1. 1
    If we have an unexpected expense of $75,000, how much in sales would we have to make this year to cover it? 
  2. 2
    If we discount our products by 10% what percentage difference will it make to our bottom-line?

Let's hope you aren't dismayed by the answers!

Because here's the watch out:

A $75,000 expense could result in you needing more than $1.5 million in sales (assuming a 5% ROS). To calculate the cost for your company divide $75,000 by your Return on Sales Percentage.

A 10% discount could cost you anywhere between 40 and 80% of your profit!

If your people don't know that - they are making ill-informed decisions

Would you like a multiple figure 
boost to your bottom-line?

That's exactly what this small, independent school on the Gold Coast, Queensland has had happen since we introduced their team to business-partner thinking through the Zodiak traijning

You've got to love an ROI like this!

So far, this program has provided this school with a whopping 6,426% ROI . They've had a massive increase in profits. And we see results like this all the time!

What difference would it make if you could increase your business profits like this?

When you've got business-partner thinking

  • Profits will flow faster
  • You and your team will achieve remarkable results
  • You'll spend fewer days stressed and more days making the dent in the universe you're meant to!

The lack of business understanding in our Team was having a serious impact on our culture. We wanted to grow a shared responsibility for the growth of our business.

We contacted Shelley, and as part of a bigger culture re-design project, we ran our first Zodiak training last year (2018).

The impact on sharing the responsibility was extraordinary and we have since made a decision that it was so valuable it is now a permanent part of our onboarding program. 

Best R.O.I we have ever had!

Valerie Campbell-Hogg

CEO, Silkwood School

As the Finance Leader at Silkwood School, one of my challenges was that the majority of leaders didn't understand the financial and strategic goals of the school. The Zodiak course enabled them to see the bigger picture and understand the importance of the financial and strategic goals.

After the course they went back to their departments and increased their team members financial literacy.

This has resulted in increased efficiency throughout the school. Shelley did an amazing job in facilitating the course, she made if interesting and fun whilst engaging all participants. 

Edel Ui Cathain 

Finance Leader, Silkwood School

Ready to transform your business?

Explore how this one-day training will help you and your team be the rockstars of your industry.

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I really enjoyed the Zodiak Training facilitated by Shelley. It has helped me to look at our sales reports in a different light. I have learned to look at past years figures, how to compare them, how to translate and present them to the sales team and management.

It's also helped me in my decision in moving forward with changing a software provider. In my research I was much more aware of looking not only at the outright costs, but the human costs and time in implementing and training.

I was able to use what I had learned to make my recommendation and present it to management with solid explanations on why I chose one program over another. 

Kristie Currie

Operations & Traffic Manager, Rebel Media