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Securing Shelley's Services for Workshop Facilitation or Keynote Presentation

Shelley Holmes is an engaging high-performance leadership speaker who offers keynotes and workshops in a number of areas. 

Logistics, AV Requirements

Shelley takes her responsibility to you very seriously. Her goal is to maximize your investment. To do that, please read the following.

  • Shelley is 5'4"" and an animated speaker. Please do NOT put her behind a lectern or head table. If the head table is on a riser or a stage, pull it back from the edge to allow space for Shelley to stand in front of it
  • U-shaped seating is best for workshops
  • Please read Shelley's introduction, or keep it fairly close to the way it is written
  • Try to have the group in a fun mood before introducing Shelley. Sad announcements, or moments of silence for a recently departed friend are appropriate, but not immediately before introducing the speaker
  • Shelley enjoys and tries to meet as many members of her audience as possible. She will attend your social events, if requested, but please do not make arrangements to keep her out late at night
  • To maximize your investment in Shelley or any other speaker, please keep in mind that an extended cocktail party is not a good start for your workshop
  • The pre-program questionnaire must be returned well before the meeting date
  • Shelley should be added to any mailing list for meeting attendees (so that she is included in the information loop)
  • Hotels often don't think of the following, particularly in a seminar situation, therefore, it is difficult to build intimacy and rapport if:
  • Our audience is not very close to each other, or to the speaker
  • Our audience is still eating
  • The entire room is not well lit. (If spotlights are available, consider them.) People remember more and laugh more in bright rooms


Workshops are different from Keynote presentations in that they are:

  • generally run across a number of days
  • with a consistent numbers of participants
  • generally fewer than 20 people in the room
  • high degree of interaction and skills application

A Keynote is a one-off, one-two hour presentation with limited audience participation.

Pricing if Shelley is required for a:

  • A half-day workshop (Up to 4 hours): $2,800 + GST
  • Full Day workshop (4 to 8 hours): $4,500 + GST
  • Keynote - please contact to discuss - dependent upon numbers and complexity of keynote audience

Unless otherwise agreed between Make A Dent Leadership and the client a non-refundable deposit, of 50% is payable immediately upon booking of workshops and/or keynotes. The balance is due one week after the engagement. Expenses will be billed on completion. This includes all incidentals, food, transportation and parking.

If the workshop requires products (such as, but not limited to Zodiak, Trimetrix profiles, Thought Patterns for High-Performance etc) these products must be paid for, in full, at time of ordering. These products will not be ordered from my suppliers until your invoice has been paid. You will be informed of any additional costs at the time of booking the workshop. 

Airfares and Accommodation

You are responsible for all travel and accommodation costs to any venue outside the Gold Coast/Brisbane region for MADL personnel. 

Travel to destinations more than 100km from Brisbane City will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate, unless otherwise agreed. 

All airfares and accommodation (non-smoking) are payable and booked by you. Consequently, if you cancel or change the booking, you absorb any penalties associated with the booking.

Please note, for travel below 4 hours the flight can be booked in economy/coach class. For flights in excess of 4 hours the flight must be booked at business class or better. This gives you the best chance of Shelley arriving alert, and ready to perform at her optimum.

Overseas Travel

For travel to the United States or Europe a traveling fee of $2,500 per booking is on top of the daily rate and expenses.

For travel to Asia a traveling fee of $1,000 per booking is on top of the daily rate and expenses.

Additional Expenses

All additional expenses, e.g. food, taxis, parking etc will be billed upon completion of the work. Expenses will be billed as actually accrued and are due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice


If you cancel your engagement, and it is not re-scheduled within 2 months, the following fee schedule will be in effect from the time notification is received by Shelley:

  • 30 days or less before the engagement - 75% of fee
  • 31+ days Shelley will retain the entire initial deposit and this will be considered full and complete payment

Workshop Materials

MADL will provide you with the electronic copies of the workshop materials, but you are responsible for the printing and professional presentation of them, in binders, to the workshop participants.

If you wish to use additional products, (for example Trimetrix profiles), there will be an additional charge per participant. Your workshop does not include access to the Make A Dent Club, or any of the copyrighted books materials on the site.

If your participants wish to delve more deeply in to the products within the Make A Dent Members Area to reinforce their learning, they can either join as an individual, or you can discuss a corporate rate with Shelley.

Schedule A Strategy Session To Discuss

Set up a Strategy Session to take some time to explore with Shelley about how she could inspire your people to take your organisation to rockstar status in your industy

Thanks again for presenting at our Conference. As in every other year, your sessions rated highly, with participants asking for more time with you. Look forward to seeing you at next year's conference.

Grant Donovan

Workplace Global Network

Our group unanimously thought it was the best session we had ever done. From a self development point of view many of us dug deeper into ourselves at this session than we had ever gone before with family or friends.

Scott Wright

National Leader, Flight Centre

I thought you'd be interested to hear how the material we covered with you in August has improved my ability to discuss business. It was empowering stuff and has given me a new level of confidence and subsequently allowed me to set higher professional goals.

John Swinburne

Learning Strategist, Talsico

I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now ;-). We have over 6000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching.

Jan Bijsterbosch 

Senior Vice President, Emirates Flight Catering

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