Your business is likely losing hundreds of thousands of $ every year because your people are coming to work with a 'go-to-work' mindset. We solve that problem!


I'm Shelley Holmes

Shelley Holmes

Dedicated to shifting mindsets and skillsets in your business so you  increase profits and become 'rockstars' in your industry

All my life ...

I’ve been a passionate leader (you guessed it ... when I was little I was called bossy!).

Through time and experience, I’ve been able to morph away from Miss Bossy, into someone who lives to inspire leaders to live, love and lead remarkably. I do this by guiding people like you to shift mindsets and skillsets in your business so you increase profits and you become bigger than the people and personal problems you face each day. 

When you and I get this right, you become rockstars in your industry. Below is my story, but if you're wanting the more 'canned' professional bio - you can download it here.

I'm often asked ... how did you get into high-performance leadership?

I began my career as a Court Reporter. Quickly deciding that there had to be a more positive way to view the human existence, I rapidly moved my career to people development (rather than people imprisonment!) and my life from New Zealand to Australia.

Life then exploded into working with a delightful mixture of organisations and people in which I learnt, grew and finally knew that my passion in life was to support people to create remarkable lives and exceptional businesses.

Working for Great Companies - But High-Performance wasn't Sustainable

Working in several high-profile organisations, (Bond Corporation, Howard Smith, Nestle, Tooheys, Southcorp Packaging), I was becoming frustrated with the push-forward, pull-back way that we progressed. I saw glimmers in all these great companies of what can happen when you get things right. But hadn't found the piece of the puzzle that enabled high-performance to stick for the long-term. 

I know that by working with Shelley, I have seen personal growth, professional improvement, and the business has seen increased profits.

I have Shelley to thank for her openness and commitment to me. She has pushed when I needed and leads me to my own finding.

Allisa O'Connell

General Manager, Flight Centre

Found My Nirvana!

It was in 1992 that I got the opportunity of a lifetime.  I began working at Colgate-Palmolive on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Being one of the key Leaders in the start-up of the facility I was heavily involved in the design, implementation, and leadership of a culture created for sustained high-performance.

To give you a hint, as to how forward-thinking we were, back in 1992, my title was People & Culture Leader. A title that seems to have become popular in the last few years!

By 2000, I was juggling a full-time career and my 5-year-old daughter. So, I decided to start working part-time at Colgate.

By this stage, we had received national and international recognition as a high-performance site.

We had many companies coming and benchmarking against us. I had many requests from other organisations to come and help them understand how to create high-performance in their workplaces. And that's how the business got started.

Hung out my shingle!

I officially opened the doors of my business in 2000, when Qantas approached me and asked if I could help them to set up their new facility (Snap Fresh) in Queensland to produce their airline meals. 

Around the globe, I’ve worked with organisations with total revenues in excess of $116 billion. I've supported thousands of individual leaders through, websites, coaching, consulting, workshops, webinars, audio programs and the Make A Dent Leadership website.

I've been blessed to help many individuals and their organisations to transform. My intention is, that when I walk away from a client, they feel inspired, they have a sense of possibility, they're well down the path of self-discovery, and their business results have improved.

When I think back on the time we worked together, I always realize how much of an influence you had on my career. I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now ;-). We have over 6000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching.

Jan Bijsterbosch 

Senior Vice President, Emirates Flight Catering

Connor joins the business and we re-brand

In 2014 I re-named the business Make A Dent Leadership, which more closely represents what I hope you and I will do for the universe. And that same year, my daughter Connor joined the business. She's the webmaster making all these lovely pages and ecourses for you.

Shelley and Connor Holmes

Here we are out with a client, The Breeze FM radio station. This is a pretty typical Gold Coast afternoon

Which brings me to you

I'm here to inspire you to live, love, and lead remarkably.

Our company is built on a foundation of passion for personal growth, seeing organisations thrive (especially manufacturing and education).

Whether you like it or not how you show up at work defines you as a human being.

On grand and small scales, the way you interact with others, the products and services you are a part of delivering, all roll together to become a part of the legacy that you leave behind.

The way you deal with others, the things you teach them, that cause them to grow, and become a better version of themselves .... as individuals, work colleagues, leaders, and parents ... now that defines who you are! That defines the dent in the universe you are going to make.

If that gets you excited, then I want to be a part of your support team. I want to help you live, love and lead remarkably. Help you to become a rockstar of your industry!

What I'm passionate about

Personal Development

If all that is available to me, I'll read the back of a milk carton! I love learning.

It was no surprise to me when I took my Workplace Motivators Assessment, that my top motivator is "Intellectual." The short description of this label is: a person who thirsts for knowledge.

My other top motivator is Resourceful - meaning a desire to get a ROI. Once I had that report in my hands, it became clear how I've ended up with this life. I love business and love seeing businesses deliver their products and services at high profitability levels, while having 'raving-fan' customers.

(PS: If you want to find our more about doing your own Workplace Motivators Assessment contact me. It's a useful tool to help you get the most out of your work day and your career).

Personal Development

I love learning, especially about human potential, and then sharing with others.

Because I followed my heart, my career builds on everything that is dear to me. Learning and developing myself and others. Enabling businesses to thrive. I'm in my happy place when I'm doing this. And I'm blessed to be able to do it every day.


I'm also passionate about horses. My Dad was a jockey, and I've been on horseback since I was 18 months old! These majestic animals teach you a lot about humility, strength, power, and leadership. 

My Horse

A day without horses is a sad day!

Arakan Martial Art

Another new passion is Arakan. This is a martial art that Connor and I recently got into. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be interested in a martial art, but here I am! We have found a community focused on being at their best - spiritually, mentally and physically. I've learned many great leadership lessons in the months since we began and it has profoundly changed our lives.


Connor taking on one of our fabulous instructors during training

We are a business!

Yes, we sell products and services! I'm deeply proud of having been in business since 2001. We've had our ups and downs over the years. Some years tough, others golden.

But, I've never wavered from my destiny, from how I make my dent in the universe. Which is sharing the knowledge I have gained throughout my career, with companies who want to become high-performers. 

Let me be clear. While I've got great experience, I don't have all the answers! Shocking right? A consultant/coach who admits they aren't always the smartest person in the room! 

And, if you choose to work with me, I'll be pretty up-front when we are straying into areas where you might be better finding someone else. Or, together we go on a journey of discovery.

My commitment to you is, to share with you the very best of what I've discovered. What I know works and doesn't work. Because, over the years, I've been a great leader, and I've been a frightful leader. Thank goodness I had great mentors, and a willingness to look intensely at myself and be committed to improving.

So, please don't expect perfect polish (I'm too passionate about moving forward to be that!). What you can expect is to have thrown your way are inspiring ideas, tips, tactics that will help you, your people and your business to improve. We have a load of content on our website that is free. However, to stay in business, and to be able to keep doing what we do, we do sell products and services. 

Whether we connect just online, or face-to-face, know that my unwavering commitment is for each and every one of us to live, love and lead remarkably.

Shelley has worked with me over a number of years as a personal coach. I have also engaged her for some of my staff, and she has worked in my company to develop some of our HR functions.

Shelley made an incredible difference to my life, my effectiveness and my preparedness for career moves. Her approach is to ask the right questions and guide you to discover the truth about yourself. This method means that your thinking changes as you work through your challenges and blockages.

Keith Stanley 

General Manager, Marketing Express

Where to from here?

Well, firstly, thanks for reading so far. I hope you feel that we are on a similar wavelength.

There are a few options I'd recommend. 

If this is your first interaction with me, then to get to experience a bit of what we do, you could 

1. Access the High-Performance Audit. You can take this audit to assess which gaps need fixing in your business

2. Access the 'My Career, My Choice' training. This is one of our signature programs. Contained within this program is a critical mindset which I generally share with people quite soon into our relationship. 

If you've spent time already with the free content on the site, and you want to take it to another level, then feel free to contact me for a free 30-minute Strategy Session. At the end of the session, you'll likely walk away with ideas you can immediately implement.  During that session, we may decide to work together. Or, we may choose that we aren't the right fit for each other. Either way is just perfect!

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know us better. Connor and I are thrilled that we've connected and look forward to being in your support team as you make your dent in the universe.

Love n laughter

Shelley and Connor

Connor and Shelley

Connor and I goofing off at lunchtime!


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