Your business is likely losing hundreds of thousands of $ every year because your people are coming to work with a 'go-to-work' mindset. We solve that problem!

Imagine a world where you and your team are performing at your potential ...

where you have become  'rockstars' of your industry!

If high-performance was easy ... everybody would be doing it!

Only 2% of organisations are classified as


What is it costing you to not be in that 2%?

Yes, a lot of 'big' names have gained by using our tools ... however,  smaller organisations, like the ones below, are well down the path of high-performance ... and the results show in their business. 

Because, even very small businesses, who invest in high-performance mindsets and systems can punch way above their weight in terms of profits, impact and create businesses that thrill them to the core!

Do you and your people have a

high-performance mindset?

The individual and collective mindsets in your organisation are the foundation for delivering results that are extraordinary

If your people aren't thinking from the right space, no matter how much skills training you throw at them ... it won't stick. Stop wasting your $ .... 

Discover how you can shift the thinking in your organisation from stalled and staid to optimistic and transformative. 

Is your business leaking $$$ and you're not sure where the hole is?

The decisions your people make every day, whether CEO, Sales Rep or Maintenance Person impact the bottom-line, impact whether a customer stays or goes, impact your reputation in the marketplace. 

If you've developed your people's technical capability, but not their understanding of how business works ... you are likely costing your business hundreds of thousands of $$. 

Even your managers are unlikely to understand the full impact of the choices they make. Discover how to give your people the skills to make decisions like high-performing business owners

When Your People Don't Like Each Other ...

they sabotage each other and your business often without even realising it

 I can almost hear you thinking ... "If only I didn't spend so much time sorting out conflicts and people issues".  Well, get one thing straight - Conflict and personality clashes are a given in any organisation!

However, when you get your people the tools and skills to help identify differences and then work out ways to work together more effectively ... a lot of those 'sorting out conflicts issues' will no longer land in your lap. Get your hands on these tools, because, don't you want to get back the time to work on stuff that drives your business?

Is your organisation designed for high-performance?

Poor organisation design stops most organisations from achieving high-performance

Of this you can be sure ... day in, day out you are making organisational design choices. But, unless you have a model to drive deliberate design choices, you are likely to be sabotaging your success!

Discover the key to unlocking all your systems - - your people system, your decision-making system, your work processes and so on  - working together to deliver the results your business needs to thrive.

Don't spend a minute longer losing sleep
 worrying over how you can get your team to perform

Develop Leaders

Ensure your leaders  consistently inspire others to exceptional performance and high discretionary effort 

Change Mindsets

Transform the way your people and your organisation thinks ... inspire high-performance thinking 

Build Business Acumen

Get your non-financial people more focused upon positively impacting the bottom-line than your finance people!

Improve Systems

Make sure your systems aren't  roadblocks that your people are having to work around, wasting time and productivity

Here's what a few of our clients have to say .... 

I know that by working with Shelley, I have seen personal growth, professional improvement and the business has seen increased profits.

Allissa O'Connell

Executive General Manager

Flight Centre

When I think back on the time we worked together, I always realise how much of an influence you had on my career.  I have spread the learnings from you throughout the Middle East now :). We have over 6,000 employees, so your influence has been far-reaching. You truly have shaped my leadership skills. 

Jan Bijsterbosch 

Senior Vice President

Emirates Flight Catering

Thanks so much for the Thought Patterns for High Performance Training. It was exactly what our team needed to set the tone for this year. We are now all fully focused on delivering the results we want and building the systems we need to deliver leading-edge education.

Valerie Campbell


Silkwood School